Real Estate Data Entry

Real estate business is growing. On the daily basis, the real estate professionals and agents have to deal with large amount of data coming from various sources including property valuation, property listings, legal files, and information regarding sales and commission etc. Data is an important asset for any company and thus it is important to have the robust data management solution in place. It is also important to process the data in the appropriate way so that it can be applied effectively for business purposes.

At ecom4data, we realize that as a real estate company you are looking for the competitive data entry and processing services. We have a team of the experts that can provide diverse range of data entry services to the real estate companies. Our specialists are highly experienced and deliver top quality, reliable data entry and processing solutions at the most cost-effective prices. Irrespective of the format in which the data is available, we process it all.

Real Estate Data Entry Services At ecom4data

Here are some of the data entry services we provide to our real estate clients:

  • New database creation
  • Property Listings
  • Sending emails to real estate agents
  • Legal documents maintenance and paperwork for properties
  • Consolidation of the buyer and seller information
  • Legal document preparation
  • Commercial and non-commercial valuation details data entry
  • Sales records data entry
  • Data entry related to taxes and insurance
  • Capturing of the data
  • Converting hard copy data into digital format
  • Extraction of the data
  • Data processing and management services
  • Offline and online data entry services